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Read each statement then rate whether you "strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree or strongly agree". Don't second-guess your answers, because your first impression is usually correct. At the end of the survey, please provide your email address and click submit to receive your confidential survey results.
1. Our competitors are quick to seize new opportunities.
2. Changes in our market environment have caught us by surprise.
3. We have clearly defined strategic objectives and shared with our organization.
4. We have customer profiles that define their attitudes, beliefs, needs and behaviors.
5. We know how our customers perceive our organization.
6. We have identified our unique value proposition that we deliver to our customers.
7. We seek customer input throughout our business and marketing process.
8. Our customers understand the breadth of products/services we offer.
9. We have a written marketing program with clearly defined objectives.
10. We track and measure the performance of our marketing programs.
11. We know the right media to effectively reach our customer prospects.
12. The resources of our organization understand their role in delivering our business value proposition.
13. We implement our business strategies in a timely fashion.
14. We have a disciplined approach for generating new products/services that customers want.
15. We are committed to customer service throughout our organization.
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